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Dissertation on open innovation and cloud computing

Lic.Sc. (Tech.) Yrjö Raivio's dissertation examines how two complementary approaches, open innovation and cloud computing, can enhance mobile networks and create novel business models to operators.

Participants of the OpenStack hacking day were seeking vulnerabilities

Cloud Software Program arranged a OpenStack hacking day in November 2012. The bugs were documented.

CoSMo: Co-Located User Interaction through Social Mobile Devices

The Academy of Finland funds a new research project to be implemented in cooperation with the Cloud Software programme.

The benefits of TIVIT's Cloud Software program reach millions of euros

Some of the participating companies have even tripled their business

A digital services development laboratory that utilises the cloud platform of the CSC Kajaani Datacentre

A research and product development environment based on open source code for cloud computing and digital services will be established in the CSC Kajaani Datacentre.

Ixonos takes the user experience of production-oriented cloud services to a new level

Ixonos complements its Ixonos Elastic Cloud™ service, which was launched in 2011, by an entirely new self-service tool so easy to use that it revolutionises the user experience of cloud services.
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