Over a hundred vulnerabilities were found in browsers

Over a hundred vulnerabilities were found in browsers in the course of The University of Oulu's effective data security testing programme

Cloud Software collaboration with ENISA for the Cloud Security Guide for SMEs

As part of the European Cloud Partnership collaboration F-Secure and Cloud Software program are joined together with ENISA to provide guidance for SMEs on Cloud Security.

Check out the new video about the results of Software Factory

The video gives an overview the Software Factory of the Software Systems Engineering Research Group at the University of Helsinki.

Cloud-based integration in business tools for fun and profit

Steeri looking for the upside of putting all eggs in one basket in business communications solutions

Report on Finnish Cloud Services Published

Report published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications outlines the possibilities of Finnish cloud services.

Who says you can't .avi it all? - new service to streamline video conversion

Joint project of PacketVideo and Åbo Akademi University aims to create a cloud-based live transcoding service that sorts out the ever-expanding video format jungle



Cloud Software Finland: Future of Software Business 4.6.2013

Tivit's Cloud Software Program organises Future of Software Business Seminar in Oulu 4th June, 2013. Event is organised in conjunction with the Annual Computer Science Event (3rd June).

Fuzz testing in Helsinki 16.4.2013

Fuzz testing is an effective way of finding bugs from software. Registration is open.

The Future in the Cloud - A Finnish Edge 25.3.2013

Welcome to listen and to participate on 25.3.2013 09:00-18:00 in Kajaani

Northern Service Day 2013 - Palveluista bisnestä Pohjois-Suomelle

Kutsumme sinut ja kollegasi haastamaan ajatuksiasi siitä, miten voitte luoda palveluja ja ratkaisuja, jotka koetaan arvokkaiksi sekä synnyttävät kannattavaa liiketoimintaa nyt ja tulevaisuudessa.

FinNode Future Session "Systems on Cloud: Cases from Korea and Japan" 5.12.

Are you aware of the silent but big changes in ICT service industry?