Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience
Superior user experience (UX) is of paramount importance for competitive advantage in the cloud software business. Integrating UX into SW development throughout its life cycle is a basis for successful market development. UX work contributes to the overall Cloud Software objectives by offering means to develop attractive UX cloud software, thereby achieving user satisfaction and in turn successful businesses. To add an efficient set of business driven user experience measures are needed. In such a fast changing market environment, traditional software development approaches hinder the timely deployment of services. Thus UX approaches are needed to be developed and integrated with agile software development methods for achieving user-friendly Cloud Software developments.

The main goals of the UX research theme within the Cloud SW program are to:
  • Create a common UX framework that supports the overall objectives of the cloud SW research and development
    • Cloud computing and Web services with excellent UX
    • Better security with improved UX
    • Market success of green SW with good UX
  • Through industrial case studies, develop efficient and integrated methods and tools for UX design and evaluation, including SW development tools that provide good UX both for end users and developers 
  • Provide tools for using UX as a business factor by development of measures and tools to communicate UX to decision makers

The overall objective of this strategic theme area is to ensure the superior user experience (UX) of products and systems by applying efficient human-centred software development methods in the cloud software programme. Furthermore, the participating industrial companies will gain competitive advantage by applying the developed methods and approaches in their R&D and marketing processes. The aim is to integrate the UX methods tightly in the new SW development paradigms addressed in the programme, i.e. cloud computing and lean/agile SW development. These approaches will form a significant competitive advantage for the industry participants, and advance the scientific results in the area of cloud SW UX.

Sari Vilminko
Project Manager, Theme Manager in Cloud SW