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Check out the new video about the results of Software Factory

The video gives an overview the Software Factory of the Software Systems Engineering Research Group at the University of Helsinki.

The video shows some impressive results such as the collaboration with Tieto and F-Secure within the Cloud Software Program. The video can be seen here.


The Software Factory is an experimental software  R&D laboratory aiming at stimulating education, cross-disciplinary research and high-expectation entrepreneurship.

The Software System Engineering Research Group (SSERG) at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki focuses on development, measurement,  maintenance, and operation of complex software-intensive systems or services. It conducts research, teaching, and technology transfer to industry. The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Münch.


Cloud Software is a four-year program run by TIVIT (2010–2013), which focuses on developing  different areas of cloud services. F-Secure is the flagship company for the Cloud Software program and the program is funded by TEKES.