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TIVIT Webinar: Mika Koivuluoma Cloud Software Factory


Software engineering research in industry setting can sometimes face rather difficult challenges regarding e.g. access to data, publicity, and control over experiments. Teaching, on the other hand, sometimes lags behind the industry standard practices and novel solutions. Start-up entrepreneurs have good ideas for the new software product, but can face difficult situations, if s/he is not able to provide tools (software/hardware) or premises for proper collaboration with the student projects implementing those ideas. 

Above-described challenges are examples of those impediments Cloud Software Factory is designed to remove. Cloud Software Factory is a collaboration environment and platform that serves both software engineering research and education as well as cooperation between the industry and academia. Cloud Software Factory provides environment, where researchers, students and industry representatives can work and collaborate using e.g. latest cloud-based integrated software engineering environments and tools. Facilities are equipped with the quality tools for the video and audio recording, hardware that is needed when using contemporary research methods. For the industry and entrepreneur collaboration Cloud Software Factory offers also tried and true high productivity software engineering methods and tools, which are based on the latest software engineering research. Cloud Software Factory –concept is in use in several universities both in Finland (Helsinki, Joensuu, Oulu) and in Europe (Bolzano, Madrid), and new factory deployments are under way.


Mika Koivuluoma (M.Sc., Information Processing Science), Project Manager at the University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science. He is responsible of Cloud Software Factory in the University of Oulu and also working towards the PhD degree. He is on his study leave from the Tieto corporation, where he was responsible of SW development process, methods and tools group in Tieto’s Process & Quality organisation, and more recently in CIO office. He has acted in various managerial positions in quality and process development, project and programme management, as well as in line management, both in Finland and in Czech Republic, where he was working to establish global SW development process group. During the 15 years at the industry, most of his work assignments have involved working with or leading multicultural teams, projects and programs.