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Ixonos takes the user experience of production-oriented cloud services to a new level

Ixonos complements its Ixonos Elastic Cloud™ service, which was launched in 2011, by an entirely new self-service tool so easy to use that it revolutionises the user experience of cloud services.

The online self-service tool allows Ixonos’ cloud service customers to plan, purchase and independently deploy complex server and infrastructure environments within minutes, a world first. Ixonos developed Ixonos Elastic Cloud especially for demanding production of online business.

The service is based on Ixonos’ experience in maintenance and development of global digital services, and it is certified by Red Hat. Several leading European online service providers already benefit from the reliability and user experience of Ixonos Elastic Cloud. Ixonos’ secure data centres are located in Finland and they serve more than 500 million Internet users monthly.

“This new self-service tool will further speed up online service development”, notes Jari Kekkonen, Director, Business Development at Ixonos. The tool enables customers to ensure that the right amount of resources is available throughout the lifecycle of each application, and it additionally allows costs to be tracked in real time. “Our customers will also be able to expedite their production processes and, above all, to save on infrastructure management costs”, Mr Kekkonen continues.

“Ixonos Elastic Cloud is priced on a usage basis, and it uses VPN or MPLS private network technology to securely integrate with the customer’s on-premise data centre”, mentions Janne Luntta, VP, Cloud & Hosting Services at Ixonos. “The benefits of the service are available to all customers, regardless of their present data centre situation”, Mr Luntta adds.


Cloud Software Program has contributed in the research and development  of  Ixonos Elastic Cloud.
Cloud Software Finland is a four year (2010-2014) Tivit-program, which focuses on developing the different areas of cloud services. The program is funded by Tekes.